About this site

So, you are studying Computing at University and finding it a bit more of a challenge than you thought?

This web page points you to some links, backed up by research in the field of Computing Education, that others have found useful.

It has been created by Lynda Thomas, of Aberystwyth University, which is in
Aberystwyth in Wales.

Remember, wherever you are, that there are lots of resources to help, like:

  • Demonstrators, help desk …. – these are more advanced students who are available in the labs. In  Aberystwyth we call this advisory and they can be reached by email
  • Lectures and Lecturers – are very willing to help. If you don’t get something then odds are  other people don’t either.
    Ask questions – it makes lectures more fun!
  • Lecturers outside Lectures – if you are shy then go and ask the lecturer at any time. We can’t help if you don’t ask!
  • Practicals and Demonstrators – practicals (closed labs) are there so that you can ask the questions you need to. You should never skip these and you should always try to do a bit more than you ‘need’ to.
  • Your tutor – your tutor is there to help. If they can’t help then they will find out who can.