Using Feedback

You will get lots of feedback in your course. Not just marks!

Here are a few kinds:

  • Written comments on assignments etc,
  • Feedback from demonstrators in practicals and advisory,
  • Feedback through in-class tests with model answers,
  • Availability to knock on lecturers’ doors and ask questions,
  • emailing questions that lecturers answer.

You are always welcome to ask for feedback on exams (it may take a little while but I know I am happy to give it)

How to use feedback:

  • Some people look at the mark and ignore the feedback.
  • The question is “how will you use this feedback to improve your answers next time”
  • At university you are training to build your own understanding of what is good work and bad work.  It’s not like school where you rely on the teacher to determine what’s good and bad. So that when you finish the degree you know how to evaluate what you do in the ‘real world’ for yourself.