Learning alone

One of the things that Computer Scientists have to do is learn how to learn things on their own.

There is just too much for everything to be taught in lectures, and the field moves so quickly that we are all learning all the time.

Being able to learn new technologies is one of the things employers look for and we try to give opportunities for you to practice that in your coursework.

Employers want:

  • People who have an active curiosity about their field of work – and can demonstrate this interest in terms of practical engagement and development.
    John – Head of IT – Public Sector Institution

This is how they find out things independently:

  • I think the approach is to try to characterise the problem that you’ve got in terms that are searchable. Like maybe you want to know how parameters are passed in Java. The terms may be ‘parameter’ and ‘method’. You put the generic terms together and you put say “Java” on the end and you trawl the first page of results to try and find a resource which is pitched appropriately at your level.
    Steve – Vice President of fxpansion
  • Even though I’ve got a total of 5 years of experience, I still don’t know everything there is to know ….  But I know enough to make me a really valuable asset to the team and to be able to find the answers I don’t know. It’s about knowing who else on the project will know about stuff and which documentation to look at. I think it is an important skill to figure out ‘what is it that I want to know’.
    Mary – Aber Graduate now a manager at Logica (now CGI)

Here are some resources: